Are You Wasting Your Life?

Now, before I answer the question posed in the headline, let's review Jordan's Law of Headlines: 

If a headline asks a rhetorical question, the answer is always "no." 

This law, being a universal law, applies just as well to my own post. Therefore, you don't have to worry, you are not wasting your life.

How can I be sure?

Simple, because your life is already wasted and there is absolutely nothing to do about it. Even if you're the next Shakespeare, which you're not, everything you do will be long forgotten in a few bats of the universe's eyelashes-- say 10,000 years. So, go ahead order that extra glass of wine tonight.


Q: If living has no higher purpose, what's to stop me from ending my life today? 

A: Nothing, and you already knew that didn't you? But life is pretty incredible so why miss the show? 

Q: Jordan, if we have no higher purpose won't we become amoral? 

A: No. Morality is built into humans, like arms and legs. Changing your beliefs can be very powerful, but it won't make you a psychopath.

Q: If we're just hanging out with nothing much to do, what makes life meaningful?

A: You do. Good luck.

Wandering Through Dublin's Temple Bar

I had the great pleasure of visiting Dublin a few weeks ago and while I spent most of my time recovering from jet lag and working with a really talented team, I did take one lazy day to wander around the city with my OM-D EM5. I put together some of the clips so you could get a sense of what it's like to just sort of stroll around this ancient and lovely city.

Volcano Boarding in Leon Nicaragua

One of the most (but not the most) exciting adventures I had in Central America was throwing myself down a volcano on a thin piece of wood. At 40km/hr bits of volcano rock were flying in my face, and these things were no joke. In fact, I put two holes in my backpack while going down the volcano. Check out this video for a first-person view of this wild sport.

Volcano Boarding is one absurd and outlandish way to get an adrenaline rush. Isn't it amazing what people will do to get a buzz? A woman broke her arm the same week I was there.... supposedly it was the bone showing kind of injury. Can you imagine that kind of injury in such a remote place? She had to wait hours for any medical care.

But the funny thing is, I felt perfectly safe and would absolutely do this again. The good folks at Bigfoot offer a discount if you're a repeat Volcano risk taker.

And here's some pics of the adventure:

Photo Post --Fire in the Sky-- El Tunco, El Salvador

One of my best friends arrived in El Tunco and, though an ill chill was blowing through my bones, the night was hot and beautiful and we went to dance at El Rocas, the beach resort next door. The band must have been playing smash latin hits-- everyone but the gringos knew every word.

After bobbing about for a short while I decided it was time for me to go to bed. But our own hotel's band was playing killer latin instrumental music. They played with the soul of immortals and the music put some interest and enthusiasm back into me.

That's when I turned around and realized that the heat lighting dancing across the ocean needed a photograph, toutsuite. The bounce of photographic opportunity in my step, I quickly hopped to my room and grabbed my tripod and camera. I only had a chance to take a few exposures before a very friendly, very "borracha" man was so enthusiastic about what I was doing that I couldn't really focus on my task. I think he said something about the local TV station, but I doubt he will remember in the morning.

That's ok, I'm happy with the night's result.

Sony NEX-6, 35mm f1.8

ISO400, 35mm, f/5.0, 25sec